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Court Conference is a division of CourtCall.

For Attorneys

While clients can save money and Courts can become more efficient and generate revenue, CourtCall has the most impact upon practicing attorneys as it helps to give them their lives back. Attorneys can use the time they save using CourtCall to catch-up on other pressing matters, enjoy time with family and friends or otherwise take advantage of the time no longer spent traveling to and from Court. Call us at 888-882-6878 for details. There are no subscriptions or equipment to buy with our standard program and you only need a webcam and computer with sufficient bandwidth to use the video program.

Customized video conferencing is also available: If you need a principal witness, carrier representative or other party for your trial, hearing, arbitration, mediation, or other proceeding it's now as easy as calling us to make arrangements. For most custom video sessions, the fee for each remote participant is $45 for the first 45 minutes and $12.50 for each 15 minute increment thereafter.

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CourtCall Appearances are available for hundreds and hundreds of Judges nationwide, with additional courts being added monthly. View the List of Participating Courts or Click here for Online Judge availability