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Court Conference is a division of CourtCall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless noted otherwise, questions and answers apply to both CourtCall and Court Conference.

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Q. How can I schedule a CourtCall Appearance?

A. Call us at (888) 882-6878 to make arrangements. If you require assistance for a matter in a US District Court, US Bankruptcy Court or State Court in New Jersey, call us at (866)582-6878. You can also schedule some appearances online by signing up for Online Scheduling, click here to register for online service: Online Scheduling Registration Form

Q. How does CourtCall work?

A. Click here to view a summary of how to schedule and make a CourtCall Appearance: How to Use CourtCall

Q. What is the minimum amount of time required for scheduling a CourtCall Appearance?

A. Specific deadlines vary but the general rule of thumb is at least three (Court/business) days. Please check your CourtCall Service Copy for the due date.

Q. How far in advance can I schedule a CourtCall Appearance?

A. As far ahead as you wish.

Q. How is a video conference different from a telephonic appearance?

A. All CourtCall Appearances are essentially telephonic and CourtCall will continue to provide participants with a conference number to call at the assigned time, as per current scheduling procedures. Wherever available, participants are also given the opportunity to add video for an additional fee. Streaming one- or two- way conferencing allows participants to see the Judge and vice-versa, depending on the Court's preference.

Q. How can I schedule a video conference Appearance?

A. Click here for video availability and then call us at (888) 882-6878 to make arrangements. Video will be available for online scheduling in the near future.

Q. How much are the fees for appearing via video conference?

A. Fees may vary by Judge and are supplementary to the standard telephonic appearance fee. Please call us at (888) 882-6878 for pricing. You will be able to accept or decline this service before finalizing your order.

Q. Do late fees and deadlines apply to video conference Appearances?

A. Yes, video appearances are subject to additional fees and deadlines, the same as standard telephonic appearances. As a general rule of thumb, you should schedule no later than three Court days prior to avoid incurring late fees or missing a deadline.

Q I already have a telephonic appearance scheduled but I also want to see the Judge, what should I do?

A. First, check for availability of video in the courtroom in which your matter is scheduled. You can do this by reviewing our Judge Availability List or by calling us at (888) 882-6878. If video is available and the deadline has not passed, contact us to add this service to your existing CourtCall Appearance.

Q. What are the system requirements for using video?

A. All participants appearing by video must be sure that sufficient bandwidth and a working camera is connected to the computer that will be used for the appearance to insure that it meets system requirements. The following link may be used at any time to test your system for suitability:

Q. Can I record my video conference with the Judge?

A. There is to be no recording or rebroadcasting of audio or video of proceedings and doing so will subject a participant to sanctions or other penalties. RECORDING AND/OR REBROADCASTING COURT PROCEEDINGS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Q. What if I am unable to make the video work?

A. You will still be able to appear telephonically even if you cannot connect to the video. Stay calm and proceed to make your telephonic appearance. Once the conference has concluded, contact us to report any technical problems. Video is an enhancement to your standard CourtCall Telephonic Appearance and failure to make a visual connection does not affect your ability to proceed by phone.

Q. What is your cancellation and refund policy for video?

A. As with standard telephonic appearances, you can cancel up until the time of the scheduled appearance and be eligible for a refund. Video cannot be canceled after the fact and refunds do not apply for un-canceled video. Refunds are issued after the date of the scheduled matter has passed.

Q. What is your continuation policy for video?

A. As with standard telephonic appearances, it is the participant's responsibility to notify CourtCall of any continuance, prior to the scheduled date/time to have the fee applied to the continued hearing. Matters continued at, or after, the time of the hearing are subject to a new fee.

Q. I have booked a video conference but my appearance has been/is being, transferred to a department that does not allow video, what should I do?

A. When you notify CourtCall that your appearance is being transferred to a non-participating department, CourtCall will cancel and issue a refund of fees paid for the unused video portion and send you a 'Notice of Video Cancellation'. If the transfer takes place at the time of the hearing and you are unable to notify CourtCall, proceed to make your telephonic appearance and contact us at (888) 882-6878 at the conclusion of your matter.

Q. I have booked a video conference but my client/co-counsel/opposing counsel is appearing by phone only, will this cause a problem?

A. No, it will not cause a problem. Other parties on the same case can continue to appear by phone only, while you appear by phone and video.

Fees and payment methods:

Q. How much does the service cost?

A. Please review the List of Participating Courts for a complete list of fees as they do vary.

Q.What methods of payment do you accept?

A. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, company checks and CourtCall Debit Accounts.

Q. How do I set up an account?

A. CourtCall offers a pre-paid Debit Account for customers who wish to receive a monthly statement. Click here for information on opening a CourtCall Debit Account.

Q. We already have a CourtCall Debit Account and would like to view our account online, how does that work?

A. If you are already using a CourtCall Debit Account to pay for your CourtCall Appearances and have not received a form letter from us offering this new online service, please call our accounting department at (888)882-6878, option 5. Once registered, a designated firm administrator can log in and view/manage the account online.

Q. Will there be a separate fee for my client?

A. There is a separate fee for each individual party appearing by telephone.

Q. The Court is ordering my appearance by telephone, why should I have to pay for your services?

A. CourtCall provides equipment, scheduling and other services to facilitate telephonic appearances for attorneys and Judges. This enables the Court to allow you the opportunity to appear telephonically.

Q. I work for the State/Federal Government. Government agencies do not have to pay for your services.

A. As a private company, our fees apply to all participants, including government agencies.

Q. Are there any additional fees?

A. Yes there are. Paying additional fees can be avoided by making arrangements at least three (Court/business) days in advance.

Q. Why is the fee so much? It is only a telephone call.

A. A CourtCall Appearance is much more than a simple telephone call, it is your Court Appearance and we may provide high quality equipment, scheduling and other services to the Court. Without the option of CourtCall it is unlikely that you would be able to enjoy the time and money saving benefits of not traveling to Court.


Q. Do I need consent from the Court to appear by phone?

A. In some situations you may need to get approval from the Court, however, our customer service representatives can tell you over the phone what can be scheduled. Please call us before you contact the Court.

Q. Do I need consent from opposing counsel?

A. No, consent from opposing counsel is not required.

Q. What types of proceedings can I appear telephonically on?

A. That depends on the Judge/department, our customer service representatives can tell you over the phone what can be scheduled. If you are scheduling online, a list of available days, times and proceedings will be presented on the scheduling form according to the Judges' allowances.

Q. What if the Court sets an appearance less than three (Court/business) days in advance?

A. No problem, call us and we will try to schedule it for you.

Q. How many people can use CourtCall at a given time.

A. There is no limit to the number of participants that can be on a conference.


Q. My client is going to be with me when I make the call, what should I do?

A. Since we do not recommend the use of a speakerphone, you should schedule a separate appearance for your client so that he/she can participate in the conference.

Q. Can I make the call using my cell phone?

A. In most instances, CourtCall prohibits the use of cell phones on the basis that they can be disruptive to the Court. CourtCall Appearances should be made from a land-line, with the handset engaged, wherever possible.


Q. What is the difference between a personal appearance and a telephonic appearance?

A. Not much, the same rules regarding punctuality and conduct apply and a CourtCall Appearance is treated the same way as any other Court Appearance.

Q. Will I get heard first if I am appearing by phone?

A. Typically, the Court will take the cases in whatever order it would normally, whether or not there are CourtCall Appearances on calendar. There is no required preferential treatment for people making CourtCall Appearances.

Q. Why do I have to use CourtCall, why can't I just call the Court directly?

A. CourtCall provides equipment and scheduling services to the Court to allow improved quality on all calls, thus reducing the burden on courtroom staff and streamlining the process.