CourtCall Telephonic Court Appearances

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Court Conference is a division of CourtCall.

Our Mission Statement

CourtCall created the turn-key telephonic court appearance system that has become the industry standard. That standard now also extends to video appearances! Our mission is to educate Judges, court staff, lawyers, and clients about the time and money saving advantages of CourtCall Appearances and provide such services with innovation, diligence, and courtesy.

CourtCall: An Overview

The CourtCall Remote Appearance Program is an organized and voluntary way for lawyers to make routine civil, family, criminal, probate, bankruptcy and other appearances from their offices, homes or other convenient locations at no cost to the Court. Unlike common practices, neither Court staff nor lawyers are required to coordinate the time or logistics of the appearance. Instead, by simply paying a reasonable fixed fee and filing with CourtCall the Request for CourtCall Appearance form in advance, a lawyer may make a CourtCall Appearance. While streamlining procedures for the Court, CourtCall Appearances also enable lawyers to avoid travel, traffic and weather conditions creating substantial litigation cost savings for clients. CourtCall Appearances have saved attorneys hundreds of thousands of hours while saving clients hundreds of millions of dollars in both small and large legal communities around the country.

Conceived and implemented by practicing attorneys, CourtCall created the proprietary "turn-key" telephonic, now remote, court appearance program to develop a user-friendly system that is based upon what actually happens in the courtroom. We believe that you will be excited to learn how CourtCall is being used and how it can benefit your legal community. We look forward to hearing from you.