Interpretation In The Courtroom

Courts routinely deal with defendants, witnesses and other participants requiring interpretation:

  • Non-English Speakers
  • Hearing-Impaired

Interpreters play a key role in administration of justice:

  • A defendant/witness needs an interpreter to understand the Court and counsel
  • The Court needs the interpreter to understand the testimony

Common inefficiencies when interpreters appear in-person at the Court:

  • Cost and inconvenience of travel
  • Due to short notice or scheduling conflicts, proceedings may be delayed
  • The wait can be lengthy even when the proceeding that requires the interpreter is brief
  • The waiting itself can be costly and unproductive

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CourtCall's Remote Interpretation

Combining years of experience with Remote Court Appearances, plus customized video and multi-lingual audio applications built on industry standards, CourtCall provides remote interpretation with a cloud-based solution.

Benefits of Remote Interpretation

  • Interpreters can serve more Courts and Courts can expand access to justice
  • Eliminates travel costs for Courts and interpreters
  • All-inclusive equipment kit creates a self-contained network, providing direct courtroom access for a remote interpreter
  • Interpreter can work from any location with Internet access
  • Interpreter connects via custom software application allowing for easy transitions between languages
  • Easily initiated confidential attorney/client conversations allow for direct interpretation, without being heard in open Court
  • No staff for the Court to hire
  • No installation on the part of the Court

Simple for Courts… what's needed

  • CourtCall installs a dedicated, secure Wi-Fi router in the courtroom
  • Polycom phone (provided by CourtCall) is used to hear the interpreter
  • Defendants are provided with a small wireless device (iPod) and headset to hear live translation
  • If desired, CourtCall will provide a webcam to be used for video content

Simple for Interpreters… what's needed

  • Phone and headset
  • Computer with internet connection and sufficient bandwidth
  • If desired, a webcam can be used for video content and view of the courtroom

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