Network Requirements

Beginning August 16, 2021: if you access CourtCall from a restricted network, there is a slight adjustment to our networking requirements.

One additional ‘port’ must be unblocked to guarantee proper connectivity. Please provide our current networking requirements (v 4.1) to your Network Administrator. This can be found at: (PDF title: Network Requirements)

The CourtCall application makes use of the Plan B Session Description Protocol (SDP) to establish a WebRTC session in the browser. This SDP is being deprecated in favor of the more universally accepted Unified Plan SDP.

This change is set to take place at the end of August 2021.

CourtCall has already taken the necessary steps to prepare its application to use a different signaling protocol that supports the Unified Plan SDP, but there are minor networking changes associated with this transition. To communicate using the new signaling protocol, the CourtCall application must have access to port 8443/TCP (in addition to the other networking requirements already in place).

The impact to you and your appearances will be minimal. There will be NO CHANGES to existing appearance links, login credentials, passwords, and application URLs.

To assist with this change, and ensure that you have confidence that the necessary changes have been made to your network, please conduct a test from your network using: